Preliminary program for accompanying persons:

Tuesday, July 10


Registration (Liivi 2)


Welcome Reception (the History Museum of the University of Tartu, Lossi 25)

Wednesday, July 11





Opening Ceremony (Liivi 2)



Tour of the building of the faculty (Liivi str 2); walk to the Estonian National Museum (Kuperjanovi 9)



Program "Who is an Estonian?" in the Estonian National Museum (Kuperjanovi 9)

During this program a guide of the museum will tell us stories and show the exhibitions to give us a better knowledge about who is an Estonian and what he has been doing throughout the history (including customs, clothes, food).


Free time


We will meet at 13.20 near the Kissing Students fountain on the Old Town Square and walk to the bus, which will depart from Vabaduse str



Bus excursion of Tartu

During the bus excursion we will see districts of Tartu (locating outside of the old town) – each one with a different type of planning, architecture and interesting history.


Free time



Tartu Walking Excursion (starts near Kissing Students fountain on the Old Town Square)

During this 1,5 hour long walk we will see and hear the most interesting of the old town of Tartu.

Thursday, July 12


We will meet at 9.50 in front of the main building of the University of Tartu and walk to the courtyard in Lutsu 5



Tour of the St. Anthony's Courtyard

A guide from the courtyard will tell us about the past and present of St.Anthony’s Guild - an organisation uniting professional artisans, artists and handicraftsmen and we will take a walk in all the buildings of St. Anthony’s Courtyard - a place where art is created and loved and where genuine master craftsmen work.


Workshop in the Leather House of the St.Anthony’s Guild

During this workshop everyone can make their own leather medallion or a keychain. All will be taught by a master of the house.


Free time



Excursion to Lake Peipsi region or Alam-Pedja Nature Reserve (Buses will depart near the faculty building, Liivi 2)


Friday, July 13


Bus to Estonian Agricultural Museum will depart from Vabaduse str (same location where the bus started to city tour on Wednesday)



Hands-on Program "Rye Bread on Our Tabel" and excursion in the Estonian Agricultural Museum

During the hands-on programm we will learn about the history of agriculture, process of making bread and butter, importance of rye bread as a traditional Estonian food. In addition we will make bread ourselves and taste the delicious combination of freshly baked warm bread with butter.


Free time



Sightseeing on river (the boat will depart in front of Atlantis Restaurant)

A riverboat will take us to an hour long tour on river Emajõgi where we can see the town from water and hear more storys about Tartu.


Free time



Banquet in the building of Estonian Ministry of Education and Research (Munga 18)


Saturday, July 14

You are free to explore Tartu on your own. Here is a list of places we suggest to visit.

For more information about this program you can contact our tour guide Kristel Mikkor, e-mail, phone +372 5669 1395