Keynote Speakers:

William C Bauldry, PhD
Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Appalachian State University
"CAS in the Classroom: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"
José Luis Galán, Dr.
Department of Applied Mathematics
University of Málaga
"From Vienna to Tartu: A 10 Years Tour using Derive in TIME"
Djordje Kadijevich, PhD
Full professor, scientific counselor
Megatrend University & Mathematical Institute SANU
"Critical issues of effective CAS utilization"
Walter Wegscheider, Mag
Head of Department 4/IT-eLearning
University of Education in Lower Austria
"Development of pedagogical tools for teaching mathematics - from the PC Lab and TI-92 to Smartphone, Tablet and Netbooks"

Piret Luik, PhD
Associate Professor of Educational Technology
Vice-dean of Faculty of Social Sciences and Education
University of Tartu


"Being a math teacher - looking through the blog posts of student teachers"